You may want to know more about us. These are some of the Frequently Asked Questions which tell you more about us.

Q1.         How Old is Aspirations Institute?

Ans:       We are imparting education since 2004.

Q2.         What subjects are being taught at ASPIRATIONS Institute?

Ans:       For students from class 8th to 10th, we take responsibility of Mathematics & Science but we help students in Social Science & ICT (Computers) also.

So if you are concerned about History, Civics, Geography or Economics and think these are boring subjects come & meet us and know how it can be made interesting. Faculty : Upkar Jain

In ICT if you want to learn MS Excel, Access, Word, Powerpoint, HTML, C++, we will be happy to help you. Faculty : Upkar Jain (13 Years of practical experience of MS Office)

Q3.         What has been the results of your old students?

Ans:       We have created fundamentally strong toppers. Most of our students are class toppers. Please visit our Class 8-12 section for more details. http://aspirationsinstitute.com/class-8-12/

Q4.         I have a girl child. I am concerned about her safety.

Ans:       Around 70% of our students are girl child. We treat them as our own children. Rest assured. We are also parents.

Q5.         My child has studied with the help of Home tutor at my home. Will he / she be able to cope up in a group study?

Ans:       Certainly Yes. Our classes are full of energy. Lighter moments, Life skills, general awareness & regular academic studies go hand in hand. Most of our students were taking home tuitions earlier. Now they are performing as per their true potential and enjoying the classes.

One advantage of Home tuition is Personalised attention. Here we provide it in Group Tuition. We are connected with each student. We know the strength & weakness of them. It helps us in creating their customised “Capability Improvement Plan”.

Q6.         What is Capability Improvement Plan?

Ans :      It is a customised plan for the student to regain his potential & strengthen his fundamentals. With the help of this we have transformed weak student into toppers of the class. Please meet us to know more about this.

Q7.         My child is shy. She / he does not speak too much. How will she be benefitted?

Ans:       You will feel the change just within a week. Our classes are interactive classes & not one way communication. Children are involved & enjoy a lot.

Q8.         My child is average in Maths. She / He does not like Maths. How will you help her / him improve?

Ans:       In life we loose interest when we do not have sufficient knowledge about that topic. We do Root Cause Analysis & find the real reason for poor performance. We correct that part and it certainly helps in developing interest of students towards Maths.

Q9.         Do you take regular test?

Ans:       Yes. We take tests after completion of the chapter. No day is dedicated for tests (Like Sat or Sun).

Q10.       How do you maintain discipline with your students ?

Ans:       Eatables (like Chewing gum, etc) are not allowed in the institute. Using mobile phone in the classroom is strictly prohibited. Indisciplined students are not allowed to continue with us.

Q 11.      Do you conduct mix classes? I mean to say multiple classes in a single batch.

Ans:       No. In one classroom only same grade students are being taught.

Q12.       Do you provide transport facility?

Ans:       No. We put in our complete energy in core area i.e. Providing High Quality Education to our children. This is one area where we request parents to take responsibility.

Q13.       Apart from Academics, how you help students improve their personality?

Ans:       Apart from “What to Study” we also focus on “How to Study”. How to sit in the classroom, How to hold the pen while writing, What is the right posture while writing and/or studying are some of the things we focus on. Even by their Daily Activity Schedule making, we help them in implementing Time Management in their daily life.

Q14.       My child is in Class 6 / 7 but your classes begin from 8th. Is there anything my child can be benefitted from your institute?

Ans:      Certainly Yes. We conduct some FREE classes for Class 7 & 8th students during the year. For details contact us .

Q15.       Do you provide one to one coaching in your institute?

Ans:       Yes in few selected cases but it depends upon what class and what subject you are looking at.

Q16.       Do you provide home tutors? If yes then for which subjects & which locations? What are the charges?

Ans:       We are not a tutor bureau. But we know few good teachers who provide good quality education at student’s home. These teacher are from junior to senior classes for Science, Maths, Hindi, Sanskrit, Accounts, Economics, C++, Java, etc. Most of these teachers are located in Dwarka.   We are not involved in financial transaction in this regard (neither from you nor from teacher). Parents talk directly to teachers  for the financial matters. We are just extending help nothing more than that.

Q17.       How parents know what is going on in the class & what is the progress of my child?

Ans:       The best source is Smile & Confidence of your child. We conduct regular tests and the answer sheets are given to students to show to their parents. Remarks give good insights about the improvement area of child. Parents can call / meet us beyond the class time. We also call up parents once in a month to discuss on call.

Q18.       I would like to know what is the feedaback of your old students / parents. How can I do that?

Ans:       Please visit http://aspirationsinstitute.com/testimonial/  There may be some students from your society / area. You can talk to them for detailed feedback.

Q19.       Do you provide demo classes? If yes then how many?

Ans:       Yes. We give demo classes for a week for both the subjects – Maths & Science. The objective is to give opportunity to the student to know whether he is able to understand what we are teaching, whether he will be comfortable in our system, etc.  It gives us also the opportunity to know the student. We reserve our right to choose a student for our institute.

Q20.       What is your teaching methodology?

Ans:       Explanation, discussion, feedback, doubt sessions and finally test for a number of times , till the student is confident in the topic.

Q21.       How much experienced your teaching staff is?

Ans:       All the teachers are experienced varying from 5 to 15 years.

Q22.       Who teaches Different subjects in your institute for Grades 8th  to 10th?

Ans:       Biology : Rinku Jain Madam (Owner)       Maths : Upkar Jain  (Owner)                       Science : Gagan Sir

Q23.       I would like to meet you. What is the suitable time?

Ans:       You are most welcome in Morning  from 10am  to 1pm from Sat & Sun (Please call before coming). 7 pm to 8 pm from Mon to Sat. Sunday Evening is Rest time.

Q24.       Is the fee refundable?

Ans:       No.

Q25.       How many students you enrol in a single batch?

Ans:       In class 8th Maximum 10 and for the rest of the classes maximum 12.

Q26.       What are fees payment modes?

Ans:       Cash , NEFT, Cheque. You will get receipt for the same.

Q27.       My child has a sharp mind but she/he does not study. I am puzzled how to make him use of his potential. Can you help in this?

Ans:      Yes. We have already helped many parents in this issue. Please meet us to know more.

Q28.       Do you provide extra time / classes also?

Ans:       Yes. Once enrolled for the course, the students are our responsibility. We conduct extra classes as and when required. The time slots are relaxed during the exams. Not only this, even students can come & study at the institute if they are not able to study at home .

Q29.       I want to come & meet you. Where exactly is your institute located?

Ans:       Address : B185, Ground Floor, Sec 7, Palam Extention, Near Ramphal Chowk, Dwarka. Please search “Aspirations Institute” on Google Maps for the directions.

Q30.       What are the days & class timings?

Ans:       Please visit http://aspirationsinstitute.com/downloads/

Q31.       Do you provide Study Material also?

Ans:    Yes. We provide lot of study material in the form of Notes, Question Banks & Worksheets. Students are advised to make a file to keep them properly. By the end of session it will be running into 300 to 400 pages. Better organise since beginning.

Q32.       I want to give feedback or I have a concern. Will you listen?

Ans :      Certainly Yes. We want to do the Best. Your suggestions & feedback are always welcome. Please feel free to share with us.